12 October - 16 October 2022

Frieze Masters, Regent's Park, London, Booth E13

Frieze Masters 2022 - Behind the Line

For Frieze Masters 2022, ARCHEUS/POST-MODERN takes a look at the development of an artist's signature line over time illustrating how, and explaining why, this changes. We will look at the work of a few artists within the presentation. Taking Bridget Riley, for example, we are able to exhibit unique works from 1977 and 1979, the beginning of a period of great development for the artist charting a transition from the twisted curve to the simple stripe. A similar tale of progression can be illustrated in the work of artists Keith Haring and A.R Penck, both proponents of a primitive but vastly different linear practice. Haring's journey from the street to the slick commercialism of the Pop Shop makes a fascinating visual travelogue. Penck braved censorship, suppression and forced emigration from East Germany to develop his repertoire of now-familiar neo-primitivist imagery, influencing many younger artists searching for a simplified and more accessible visual language.

Featured Artists