David Hockney Original Paintings

David Hockney is generally held to be the most important living British painter, and was the subject of a recent comprehensive retrospective exhibition which travelled from the Tate Gallery to the Pompidou Centre in Paris, and on to the Metropolitan Museum in New York. At ARCHEUS / POST-MODERN we buy and sell unique works by this celebrated painter and usually have at least one fine example in stock and available to purchase. David Hockney has been in the public eye from the beginning of the 1960s, when he arrived in California and began the first of his Los Angeles paintings. His imagery of swimming pools and urban landscapes are easily recognized and are, along with the works of his near-contemporary Lucian Freud, recognized as having enormous significance to the continuation of realist painting in the late 20th Century. Paintings by Hockney are rare to the market, and we are privileged to be able to offer these works for sale from time to time.