Brett Crawford

Los Angeles based artist Brett Crawford had a difficult childhood, with drawing serving as his sole refuge. He spent a substantial portion of his early adult life in incarceration. When faced with a twelve-year charge, the judge offered Crawford a place in a two-year program at the Delancey Street Foundation as an alternative; continuing for five years, this transformative experience fueled Crawford's commitment to helping others reshape their lives through artistic expression after a period of personal reinvention.

Guided by mentor Dugald Stermer's pragmatic advice, Crawford postponed his dream of becoming a full-time artist, instead working multiple jobs to pay the bills while pursuing art fervently as a hobby. His disciplined approach included early morning drawing sessions and printmaking work, whilst also waiting tables. Despite facing rejection from galleries Crawford persisted, leveraging social media to connect directly with collectors to sell his works. The turning point came when he embraced the story of Pinocchio, weaving the themes of bravery, adventure, and life lessons into his art, marking a distinctive shift in his creative direction.

Attracting the attention of numerous auction houses, Phillips Hong Kong sold his 2023 painting H3RE HE COMES for a new auction record for the artist of US$275,000. This success paved the way for Crawford's first solo show in Asia, "WAST3D POT3NTIAL," held at Phillips' Hong Kong headquarters. Despite the financial success and recognition, Crawford remains grounded, expressing gratitude for the rare belief that institutions like Phillips have placed in him. His story serves as a testament to the transformative power of art, determination, and the ability to rebuild one's life.