Erick Beltrán is a Mexican artist living and working in Barcelona. He received a BFA from the Universidad Áutonoma de México, Mexico City, in 1997.

Erick Beltrán’s work often takes the form of printouts, newspapers, leaflets, publications and more recently sculptures—text and image structures that spread throughout the exhibition spaces... He is fascinated by how information circulates and is organised, as it conditions how we understand the world. More broadly, at the heart of his approach are language and our relationship with knowledge: his diagrams, plans and graphical systems are so many attempts to explain the world. Their diverse formulations produce labyrinthine visual effects.

He is represented Joan Prats (Barcelone, Spain), Labor gallery (Mexico city, Mexico), and Luisa Strina (São Paulo, Brazil).

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Declaration of War Against the World, LABOR, Mexico city, Mexico
The World Explained, Troppen Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Modelling Standard, with Jorge Satorre, FormContent, London, United-Kingdom


Calculum Series, Joan Prats Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Efecto Rashomon/Bolivar, Matucana 100, Santiago Chile, Chile

Tolv/Zeigarnik effect, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö, Sweden


Universo en expansiòn, Luisa Strina Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil

Diagram Expansion, Tranzitdisplay, Prague, Czech Republic

In 2006 he participated, with several other Latin American artists, in the Zoo Portfolio Latin American edition, a curated portfolio of works curated by Adriano Pedrosa, published by Archeus and sold to raise funds for the Zoo Art Fair for emerging artists.