Birgit Brenner

Birgit Brenner (b.1964) is a German artist, living and working in Berlin and Stuttgart. Brenner studied at Darmstadt and Berlin, becoming a masters student of the legendary artist Rebecca Horn.

Working in various media, Brenner’s art is concerned with dysfunctional personal relationships. Occasionally her personal life is put to workin her art as part-performance, part-spectacle: in 2004, guests at her birthday party in a Berlin table-dancing bar were instructed to pay the semi-naked performers directly by tucking money into their underwear,all of which was an experiment in awkwardness.

Her works are represented in the following collections:
Federal collection of contemporary art, Bonn
Falckenberg Collection
Museum Junge Kunst in Frankfurt / Oder
collection in the Willy-Brandt-Haus, Berlin
About Change, Collection
Arario Collection
The Zabludowicz Collection
Goetz Collection, Munich
Collection Südhausbau

Brenner is presently a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.