Chloe Wise

Chloe Wise (b. 1990) is a celebrated contemporary artist from Montreal, based in New York City. A graduate of Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art, Wise employs a multidisciplinary approach encompassing painting, sculpture, video, and installation.

Her work critically explores consumer culture, identity, and the commodification of everyday life, often using food as a central motif. Wise gained international attention with her 2014 "Bread Bags" series, which humorously transformed food items into luxury handbags, challenging notions of value and branding.

Notable solo exhibitions include "Pissing, Shmoozing, and Looking Away" at Almine Rech Gallery, New York, and "Not That We Don’t" at Galerie Sébastien Bertrand, Geneva. Her art has also been featured in significant group shows worldwide.

Wise's blend of humour and critical insight makes her work both accessible and thought-provoking, establishing her as a dynamic and influential figure in contemporary art.