Yannick Demmerle

Yannick Demmerle is a French photographer who lives and works in Tasmania. Demmerle is well regarded for his early photographs of forests and woods at night. As Peter Herbstreuth has remarked, Demmerle doesn’t depict nature as untamed and wild, but as domesticated and governed by the principles of geometry and symmetry. "[There is] no distance, vastness, paths, or any signs of culture, and seldom a horizon. Instead, what rules is regularity, symmetry, rhythmic echelons, rows, or golden sections – the harmony of classical image architecture.“ Matthias Arndt, Demmerle's Berlin dealer has written ".. for all their beauty, there is always something unsettling about Demmerle’s landscapes – a sense of disquiet that is conveyed not so much by the trees themselves as by the spaces between them.' More recently, the artist has created drawings depicting grotesque hybrids of humans and animals and of decomposing and living creatures.