Sung-Do Hong

Sung-Do Hong, born in Chuncheon, South Korea, in 1953, is a prominent photographer known for his innovative approach that blends photographic techniques with sculptural elements. Initially trained as a sculptor at Hong-ik University in Seoul, Hong transitioned to photography due to his desire to explore beyond the traditional boundaries of sculpture.

Hong's work often involves creating dynamic compositions by photographing the same frame at different times and then integrating elements from these images. This technique allows him to capture the changing dynamics and essence of lifeless objects, transforming ordinary scenes into evocative art pieces.

One of his notable series, "Tourist," includes works inspired by his travels to various countries, including China, Nepal, and parts of Europe. This series showcases his unique method of layering photographs to produce a sculptural effect, engaging viewers in a deeper exploration of the scenes depicted.

Hong's art has been widely recognized and exhibited internationally. His pieces are often featured in major auctions and have fetched significant prices, reflecting his status in the contemporary art world.