Jesus Rafael Soto Multiples For Sale

Find rare multiples by Jesus Rafael Soto for sale at ARCHEUS / POST-MODERN. Soto is a hugely significant Venezuelan artist, and was part of an international movement investigating visual phenomena, so-called Op Art, producing paintings and constructions which displayed wild optical properties. This movement was introduced at the 1965 Museum of Modern Art exhibition “The Responsive Eye” and immediately captivated the public. Soto’s works often employed kinetic elements, a signature work typically suspending painted wooden elements from nylon cords in front of a striped ground, leading to the sensation of visual vibration. At ARCHEUS / POST-MODERN we buy and sell rare multiples by this celebrated painter and usually have several fine examples in stock and available to purchase. Jesus Rafael Soto has been in the public eye from the beginning of the 1960s, and is recognized as having enormous significance as an artist with connections to various avant-garde groups such as GRAV, Zero and Nouvelle Tendance. Rare multiples in excellent condition by Soto are prized in the market, and we are privileged to be able to offer these works for sale from time to time.