Self-Made Man

Carla Zaccagnini

This small model, conceived by Carla Zaccagnini, is of a sculpted man who is essentially making himself by pouring liquid metal into his own cast. The model was executed by Roy Eastland, an artist and ex-model maker for Games Workshop who 'enjoys' something of a cult status in the model-making world. This work was originally created for the Zoo Latin American Portfolio 2006, curated by Adriano Pedrosa and published by Archeus.

On the issue of co-authorship, Zaccagnini has the following position:

"Co-authorship is an almost permanent strategy in my work. On the one hand, it is a way of ensuring a distance between what I imagine initially and the final work, of accepting the artist’s lack of control and making the work surprise me. On the other, it is a strategy that poses a question about the definition of art and the role of the artist. In other words, if we can’t say that an artist is one who creates an image or who has the technical skill that defines the realization of an idea and its visuality, and also that what he / she produces is art. Where is the center of this uncertain, flexible terrain that circumscribes the definition of art and redesigns each new work? I don’t know if the pact with the audience you mention is conceptually related to the issue of authorship. I think it has to do with a different issue, equally as relevant in art history: reception. But my position as regards these two aspects of the work of art certainly has something in common: shared responsibility."

Carla Zaccagnini
Self-Made Man
Hand-cast lead sculpture
height 6.5 cm: 2 9/16 in.
From the edition of 30
Archeus, London
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