Ed Ruscha Original Artist's Book

Find original artist’s books by Ed Ruscha for sale at ARCHEUS / POST-MODERN. Ed Ruscha is a hugely significant American artist, concerned with the written word, the creator of the hugely famous Standard gasoline station images and his idealized renderings of the Hollywood sign. At the forefront of the Los Angeles scene emerging from sixties pop culture, Ruscha is considered to be one of the greatest living artists in the world. At ARCHEUS / POST-MODERN we buy and sell original artist’s books by this celebrated artist and often have fine examples in stock and available to purchase. Ed Ruscha is actually credited with the entire advent of the “artist’s book”, and his groundbreaking 1963 “Twentysix Gasoline Stations” illustrates the term on Wikipedia. His innovative blend of beat-generation conceptualism and anti-pop art is celebrated. His original artist’s books are rare to the market when signed and in excellent condition, and we are privileged to be able to offer these works for sale constantly. ARCHEUS / POST-MODERN are also leading dealers in the graphic works of Ed Ruscha.